At Complitsol, we consider PPC (Pay-per-click) marketing as the easy and effective way to drive traffic to the website, almost instantaneously. Our PPC campaigns follow proven practices, and ensure complete success.

Our PPC campaign efforts begin with identifying the targeted key words, business specific and geographic. A client who is a legal advisor serving Dallas, Texas needs to focus on business of that area, and never outside. The reasons are, one, the client can readily sell services to people of the locality. Second, will have lesser competition than for generic key words like Legal Advisor, Legal Advisor in U.S./Texas.

Complitsol's value addition will be in focusing on narrower words, for effective PPC campaign, reduce cost per click and convert more traffic into customers at a higher rate.

We focus equally on content network and search network PPCs. In case of the content network PPC, ads are placed near to the website content. The search network PPC ads are placed above and to the right of search results of major search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google. Our notable contribution to PPC campaigns is in

  • Identifying what works better for different businesses (content or search network PPCs)
  • Tracking results for each (content or search network PPC) and then to concentrate on what works best for each business

We consider that preparing the ad copy, title and use of right set of key words is crucial for the success of a PPC campaign. Linking the ad copy with the right landing page on the website to close a deal is what makes our PPC services different. We keep track of each ad campaign to alter and tweak our ads based on the past results. We ensure that, our clients spend less and gain more value from each PPC campaign.