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Who You Are

The project is a Social networking website that caters to individuals in the fashion and design industries. It provides these users with a way to showcase their works, purchase the products of other designers, and to interact with top industry representatives in order to receive more exposure for their work.

The site consists of those three main sections, all of which interact with each other in certain ways, and share a common database of users and content. The first section is a social network. Users have the ability to fill out their basic personal information including name, location, bio, etc. Users may then establish friendships with others on the site, allowing them to see each other's content and build a network of individuals. They also are able to upload images, and manage those images in albums. Once those images are uploaded to the system, other users can interact with them by viewing, commenting, and favorite. In addition users may "collect" the images of other people. When a user sees a piece of content that they like, they collect it to their own set of folders. A user may have multiple different collection folders, to organize the types of content they find on the site. Once they have collected those images, they may then share them with others, both internally to the site, and externally in a couple of specific situations.
Technologies :- PHP/MySql,Laravel Framework,Blade Template Engine,JQuery.AJAX
Client :- WHO YOU ARE LLC.

Herbs Pro

This is an E-Commerce Website developed in CS-CART, which handles sale of Vitamins, Proteins and Food Supplements to various customers worldwide.

Total Customization of CS-Cart was done at our end to add new features like "Address Verification and Suggestion", Search Functionality to provide easy access to the products that customers are looking for and various tasks like sending mails to customers when any Out of Stock products are back in stock just to name a few.

New Features were added and Existing were modified as per client requirement. CS-CART is an open source software, and we customized the application as per clients requirement.
Technologies :- PHP/MySql,Smarty Template Engine,JQuery.AJAX
Client :- Universal Herbs Inc.

Accu AutoParts(EZ Parts)

This client is into sales of Auto parts, as the name suggests he wanted to make this application as user friendly as it can, Sales are done through different distributors who register with this client, an image with the logo of EZ parts will be placed on the distributor website , when any visitor clicks on the logo he will be redirected to EZ parts application where user can select the vehicle, make, model, category and parts will be listed when a part is selected it will be added to shopping cart

Distributors are Independent distributors who have their web sites developed in any platform , and are hosted with any ISP world-wide, the challenge was to have cross browser and cross platform communication & compatibility with the EZ Parts ?application that should embed with distributor website and give a look and feel as if it’s a local application of the distributor. a few.

Added to the above complexity there was a need to redirect visitors from inactive distributors (Distributors who are no longer clients of EZ parts) to different page, which will be specified by the administrator of the EZ parts application.
Technologies :- PHP/MySql,JQuery.AJAX
Client :- Midwest Truck and Autoparts Inc.

Liberty Truck and Auto

This client is also an automobile parts dealer; the requirement is to create a website that lists all the products that are sold by the client, products are to distinguished based on categories, sub category, model, pricing. A generalised search option should exist for the customers to directly go to the details of the product they wish to buy.

Product data should be fetched from a Mainframe computer and should be inserted and updated into various tables in the website, this should happen at the backend daily at a specific time in the day by a cron job a few.
Technologies :- PHP/MySql,JQuery.AJAX
Client :- Liberty Truck and Auto.

List of Applications done for Linkit Software Corporation

Complitsol has been working with LINK IT Software Corporation which has its executive offices in LA California and South Dakota for the past decade,and enjoys a enviable relationship,which far exceeds a business relationship. in this period Complitsol has developed wide range of products for LINK IT Software Corporation,The products developed by Complitsol are Proprietary softwares of LINK IT Software Corporation

EZ Maintenance Software

EZ Maintenance Software is a Desktop, Multi User, Network ready software which Schedules, tracks, and controls maintenance on any kind of equipment and any type of vehicle, plus complete inventory control.network ready/multi-user enabled with all modules included, EZ Maintenance For Windows currently has many hundreds of installations and thousands of users world-wide. Firms using EZ Maintenance For Windows range from small firms with only a few employees to numerous Fortune 1000 companies.EZ Maintenance For Windows was Proprietary software of Link It Software till December 2012

Job Master Software

Job Master is a Software developed for manufacturing sector and has everything needed to control and track production, from quote to shipping. Application can manage both production and job related administration. It's designed for set up and implementation even by non-sophisticated computer users. Quotation module Develop quotes quickly and easily, Sales Order a simple mouse click transforms a quote into a sales order, Inventory Module is tracked as it is received and used. In the shipping module, all completed items appear on a list of product to be shipped and it will produce an invoice for the customer recording exactly what was shipped in this shipment.Currently installed in hundreds of companies, runs the operations of Job Shops and small to medium sized manufactures from quote to shipping,network and multi-user ready out of the box, is everything a Job Shop or manufacturer needs to run their business.


Web Application which can be accessed from anywhere in the world there is an Internet connection, contains all the features of EZ Maintenance For Windows plus additional "Web only" features. These "Web only" features include the sending of work orders via email or to cell phones, pagers and PDAs, the capability to issue special passwords to outside employees, customers or tenants allowing them to submit maintenance requests and check the status of those requests online, invoicing, the ability to forward work orders to vendors and have vendors bill for work done through EZM Web, and an available link to QuickBooks® EZM -Web was Proprietary software of Link It Software till December 2012.